To help develop the BOSS NURSE in YOU!

Many nurses get locked into a box of settling for being JUST a floor nurse, educator, or nurse practitioner. Unknowing to many, the sacred skills you have obtained as a nurse, has quietly unleashed a secret that you are now in a perfect position to create multiple streams of income! The average millionaire has 6 streams of income. Learn from a true Boss Nurse who by age 35, built her portfolio value over 1 million dollars.

Prepare to Level Up

In order to reach your full potential as a Boss Nurse, this club will focus on building your credit, network, life insurance advice, savings, etc. The start of a Boss Nurse requires a strong foundation.

Next Level

On this level, you will be exposed monthly discussions, webinars, conference calls, and more to discuss other areas for nursing that can generate extra income. You will have access to coaching, tools, marketing, and more!

Our Gifted and Talented Boss “Nursentrepreneur”

Learn from someone who has achieve success and ready to share with YOU


This Boss Nurse has skills in the following areas to help you reach the next level. Get directions from a nurse who has been where you are going. Business Development: Serial entrepreneur: Dr. Moss can provide tips on starting a business, for-profit or non-profit, grant writing, business marketing, and sale development.

Social Media Management: Currently manage the largest black nursing association Facebook group, pages, and twitter account.