Boss Nurse Club Member

Club Benefits

The Importance of Legacy: will focus on tips to improve credit scores, building collaborative partnerships, sharpening networking skills, life insurance and saving for your family future.

Coaching and Mentoring: will focus on providing group coaching through webinars and conference calls, as well as one-on-one call for mentoring (additional cost). Let Boss Nurse Club bring out the best in you!

Glimpse in a Boss Nurse World: will allow a look into the life of Boss Nurse Dr. Romeatrius Moss through vlogging to showcase her thinking process, time management tips, and to highlight her estates, business management, and family management strategies.

Building Business Development: all Boss Nurse Club members will have access to RNM Marketing to provide discounted graphic work and DIY Marketing and Social Media Management. Coaching and consulting will also be available at this level.

Boss Nurse Retreats: a yearly retreat will be planned for Boss Nurses from all over the country to unite for incredible business and franchise investment opportunities, along with building on business workshops that focus on nurse entrepreneurs.

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