Hi Dr. Ro
Please see below my testimony since day 1:
As I sit back and reflect on my life from the fruition of your vision to birthing this platform I am in awe! God pours so much in me and I could not communicate effectively what I was seeing to do to others. If I did (like at work) the chief physicians wanted to alter my vision and I was not having it. Since I have joined I now can understand there are others like me at a road block and needed to have someone to catapult them to the next level and that is what I see you doing. I always knew I was to be a speaker and own businesses and you are helping me to do just that. It feels good to be amongst black women with the same goals and not fighting (at least I don't see it) with each other. I actually am waiting to have my consultation with you this weekend I know that I know this will be life changing for me.

Marshanell Wright DNP(c), MSN,RN,PHN

When you join an organization called Black Nurses Rock that gives my entire mindset a complete "Shift"......But it doesn't stop there!! I already knew nursing was my Passion....but can now also call it my Purpose?!! Because of Boss Nurse Club, Dr. Romeatrius Moss and her mentorship Queen's Compassionate Healthcare was birthed!! I now have the knowledge, connections, tools and support from my BNC family to achieve greatness!! And this is only the beginning of my Empire!! Thank you Dr. Ro for unselfishly pouring into me.....I'm forever appreciative to you?!!

Q ShaTonja Freeman

Boss Nurse Club has been a conduit to walk on the edge, giving yourself permission to dream and achieve. The waiting game is gone, the nay Sayers are invisible and the Sisterhood is the strength that puts the exclamation mark behind your/our decisions, and those dares. Dr. Moss is a visionary, game changer, pioneer and inspiration. She definitely pushes the button of creativity, reason and possibility. Membership with Boss Nurse Club definitely has its privileges.

Joanne Glenn

Boss Nurse Club has provided me with the motivation and encouragement to implement those things I always dreamed about. From my consultation with Dr. Ro which left me feeling like I was invincible as she helped me to see my strong points to all the Boss Nurses in this group that share advice, tips, and most importantly supporting without hating on the next persons achievements. I now have a mindset that says I am in control, I can do anything that I put my mind to and a Lil more. It's also helping to push me more towards an extrovert place as I now feel comfortable in any room because I am a Boss Nurse.

Bridget Leonard

Boss Nurse Club has given me a platform to network with other like-minded individuals. It has connected me with people who understand the struggles, the triumphs, and the inner workings of owning your own business. Inside this club, you can share your ideas, resources, thoughts, and feelings without worrying about someone stealing your ideas or belittling you for having grandiose dreams! I am so glad that I joined the club! The knowledge that I have gained in these few months has more than surpassed my expectations!

Arlana Hargrave

Being a member of Boss Nurse Club has been a great investment for me. Dr. Moss has provided a platform for aspiring nurse entrepreneurs like myself to alleviate my fears and pursue my dreams of owning not one, but several of my OWN businesses. Dr. Moss has truly been an inspiration for me and will certainly inspire others to come.

Nikki NP

Boss Nurse Club is an inspiring, motivating & encouraging group of bosses. I could not be an entrepreneur without the support, knowledge, tools, & skills of Dr. Moss & the other Boss Nurses. I am also learning that boss nurses have a certain mindset and with that mindset it assists in keeping my business in order by making wiser decisions, choices, branding, marketing, being creative, etc. all for the betterment of my business & customers. It is one of the best investments made to making my dreams, goals, and desires a reality. My business is open, progressing and growing. I am still a work in progress learning more and more each day.

Cynthia Minor

Boss Nurse Club has given me the motivation to push harder in my businesses- Greater than I have ever before.

Joanne Sylvestre

The boss nurse club has given me the knowledge and support that I needed to birth and grow my businesses. Dr Moss expertise as an entrepreneur is top notch and she not only stimulates your thinking but also gives you tools to help make sure that you are successful. Joining the BNC has been one of the best investments ever for me.

Drumeka Rollerson

Being part of the BNC has urged me to ask for what I want. Funds are widely available for non profit organizations......to send sponsor packets before you start promoting your event, it's already paid for before you drop your flyer, eventbrite, etc...Dr. Ro Moss is a #BOSS. So grateful to be in the club. This platform is a blessing. Oh yes.....I'm married to the Florida DOH, believe dat.

Shafeah Johnson Morrison

Being in the Boss Nurse Club as aligned me with accountability partners to get things done. It has continued to push me outside of my comfort zone. Thank you Dr. Romeatrius Moss for being the great leader that you are. You are truly a breath of fresh air to the nursing AND business community.

Jonanna Bryant

Boss Nurse Club has been a great inspiration for me in developing my company it has enhanced my ideas . The consultation plays a very important factor in your development because your conversation with Dr.Moss will lead you to the correct pathway in your decision making . The one on one can be a very beneficial tool to your success. There are so many myths with business you must be enlightened with someone that know and has the experience. I would recommend this Club to anyone who has a desire to be an entrepreneur .

Lisa Williams

I started my business with a vision being a part of Boss Nurse Club has given me the tools and confidence to make that vision a reality.

Sandy Louis

Boss Nurse Club has inspired and ignited an entrepreneurial spirit within my soul by connecting my passions and purpose to serve a greater cause.

Keela Reed Maxie

#BOSSNURSE Club has made me elevate my mindset. It has challenged me to be the best "ME" so I can pour into my vision with my whole heart! It has made me better and more PROactive!!!

Angela Sanders

Boss Nurse Club really inspired me to start my business. I was scared to step out on my own in the fear of failing. Dr. Romeatrius Moss has really inspired and let a fire under me along with other Boss Nurses. I have started my consulting business I have two clients that I will be working with. I went and saw my space for my healthcare training center to day I am just so excited. Thank you Dr. Ro for created this wonderful mentorship for us.

Shnea Weatherspoon

It's been nothing but excitement while being in the BOSSNURSE club.... Understanding and learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur; especially when starting from scratch and not having any ideas about business... The Boss Nurse Club has given me motivation, the knowledge and tools to help my business ... "Dr. Law Consulting" plus another business on the rise to soar... I am grateful to be part of BNC...and excited where this path is leading me ?? .....

LaTonya Law

Boss Nurse Club... I am Home! Dr. Romeatrius Moss created a professional platform that propels one to be change agents, visionaries and forward thinkers. As a Multi-Vision Creative, it is important for me to be surrounded by others who exhibit the same mindset. Membership with BNC inspired me to dig out past talent as a Nail tech and merge it with my nursing experience to create my new business. Thank you Dr. Ro for your inspiration, energy, professionalism and mentorship.

Estacy Porter

I luv Boss Nurse Club! Dr Ro is the best mentor! Prior to joining BNC I was not sure if I had it in me but after working with such awesome people and seeing what they r doing my confidence level changed! I started with a business that had the potentials for 1 source of income, it now has 3 solid sources of income! Think Like A Boss and become a Boss! Dr Ro Rocks!

Tasha Brown

Boss nurse has made being a nurse again exciting. I wanted nothing to do with nursing before Boss Nurse , now I am rejuvenated. 4 new businesses all nurse related. Truly grateful at age 62, my life has meaning and I have purpose to live on.

Margaret Andrews Fournier

After joining Boss Nurse Club I realized how vital business coaching and support is. I feel really confident in this group because everyone is a nurse entrepreneur and understands the dynamics of both roles. That's not common in most coaching groups. I've learned that hired help is the best help (invest in yourself). The fact that my business coach has been there and done that speaks volumes to the success I'm trying to accomplish. Believe it or not being a member of Boss Nurse Club has shifted my mindset to an action stage. Before this Club, everything was an idea. I'm also excited to say I have added 2 additional streams of income in the first quarter! I'm excited to see what's in store for me because Dr. Moss makes ideas obtainable!

Meisha Amia