Who We Are

About Boss Nurses Club

The origin of Boss Nurse Club started in 2014 as an idea to help educate and expose more nurses to the gifts they already hold within.

Dr. Romeatrius Moss, Boss Nurse Club CEO wanted to create an environment to support strong minded nurses of all races, to help create a Think-Tank that would stimulate creative thinking, business mentoring and support in an affordable platform.

5 levels of Boss Nurse Club will allow for successful management of content, goals, and objectives.
  • The Importance of Legacy: will focus on tips to improve credit scores, building collaborative partnerships, sharpening networking skills, life insurance and saving for your family future.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: will focus on providing group coaching through webinars and conference calls, as well as one-on-one call for mentoring (additional cost). Let Boss Nurse Club bring out the best in you!
  • Glimpse in a Boss Nurse World: will allow a look into the life of Boss Nurse Dr. Romeatrius Moss through vlogging to showcase her thinking process, time management tips, and to highlight her estates, business management, and family management strategies.
  • Building Business Development: all Boss Nurse Club members will have access to RNM Marketing to provide discounted graphic work and DIY Marketing and Social Media Management. Coaching and consulting will also be available at this level.
  • Boss Nurse Retreats: a yearly retreat will be planned for Boss Nurses from all over the country to unite for incredible business and franchise investment opportunities, along with building on business workshops that focus on nurse entrepreneurs.

Boss Nurse

Born with a passion to serve others, Dr. Romeatrius Nicole Moss is an award winning, philanthropist, community advocate, entrepreneur, and International speaker.

While maintaining a successful career as an active duty Air Force Nurse, currently holding the rank of Major, she is also a successful entrepreneur, owning several businesses, including RNM Marketing and Public Relations, RNM Consulting, Moss Healthcare and Staffing, Wellspring Clinic, Moss Vacation Properties and Rentals, and founder/CEO of Black Nurses Rock.

She is known for her strong work ethic, action oriented, excellence driven, and ability to think outside the box. In 2014 Dr. Moss put her vision into action to create an international organization for nurses and began creating the framework and strategic plan for Boss Nurse Club. She wanted to create a place where nurses could connect, mentor, motivate, inspire, and garner wealth together.

Romeatrius Moss obtained the following degrees; B.S in nursing from Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, a Masters in Nursing in Community Public Health Nursing Administration from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, and completed the doctorate of nursing practice at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a Board Certified Advanced Public Health Nurse.

Dr. Romeatrius Moss is married to Meko Moss and have three children, Meko, Mario, and Melo. She currently resides in Enid, Oklahoma.